Take a picture of yourself or others holding the paper survey sign and share with the What Women Want team to have your demand for quality reproductive and maternal healthcare counted as an official campaign submission. 

The Photo Survey Toolkit is available in 16 languages. Each language download includes the What Women Want paper survey sign and other materials to help you share the survey with the women and girls in your community.

Detailed submission instructions are below the toolkit downloads. 







Share a photo of yourself (and others!) holding the survey-sign on social media using  #WhatWomenWant and tag one of the official What Women Want social media profiles.

When sharing on social media, you will always receive a thank you message confirming that your photo submission has been received. If you do not, please email with your photos to make sure they are officially counted.

-  OR -

Email photo or scan the survey and send to

-  OR -

Send copies of the paper survey by mail. If you would like to send hard copies of the paper survey, contact We will connect you with an organization in your country who can help collect the surveys from you and send on to campaign organizers.   


Please make sure to obtain consent before sharing or posting photos. Download the photo consent form here and retain for your records. The consent forms should also be scanned and sent to The consent form also allows What Women Want to publicly use the photos.   


Interested in translating the survey into another language? Please reach out to for support.